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Uppsala Software Factory (Gerard Kleywegt)


    Gerard Kleywegt has created a resources site (USF) containing programs and other links handy for macromolecular crystallography and structural biology. His programs include many widely used jifies for manipulating maps, pdb files, etc.


    OSX, Linux, Irix, Tru64

Documentation, Other Resources


    Kleywegt, G.J., Zou, J.Y., Kjeldgaard, M. and Jones, T.A. (2001). Around O. In: "International Tables for Crystallography, Volume F. Crystallography of Biological Macromolecules" (Rossmann, M.G. and Arnold, E., Editors). Chapter 17.1, pp. 353-356, 366-367. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

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