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    The Richardson's have expanded this useful visualization tool to include KiNG and JavaMage as well as the original Mage.

Documentation, Other Resources


    D. C. Richardson and J. S. Richardson (2001) "MAGE, PROBE, and Kinemages." In International Tables for Crystallography, ed. M.G. Rossmann and E. Arnold vol. F, chapter 25.2.8.,, 727-730. Kluwer Publishers (Dordrecht)

    J. S. Richardson, W.B. Arendall III, and D. C. Richardson (2003) "New Tools and Data for Improving Structures, Using All-Atom Contacts. " Chapter in Methods in Enzymology: Macromolecular Crystallography, Part D, ed. C.W. Carter, Jr and R.M. Sweet. Academic Press (San Diego)374, 385-412.

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