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Queen of Spades


    The classical approach to the problem of placing n copies of m different search models in the asymmetric unit of a target structure, is to divide this 6n-dimensional problem into a succession of 3-dimensional searches (rotational search followed by translational search for the first model, followed by a rotational search and a translational search for the second model etc). QS will attempt to solve this problem by a direct minimisation of a suitably chosen statistic (like the R-factor, or the correlation coefficient) in the 6n-dimensional space defined by the rotational and translational parameters of the n molecules.
    QS is not the program to use as a first attempt at a molecular replacement problem. It is rather ``yet another program to try'' when you are desperate enough and all else had failed.


    v. 1.3


    OSX, Linux, Irix, Windows, Tru64

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