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Learning About UNIX-GNU/Linux
This link provides access to course notes for a series of talks on the UNIX-Gnu/Linux computing environment given by David M. Harrison, Department of Physics, University of Toronto which concentrate on using the tools provided by the environment as a user.
Learning UNIX
A self paced, self study guide on UNIX.
UNIX for Scientific Dummies
A quick overview of how UNIX works and handy commands you will need.
UNIX for beginners
Written by Gerard J. Kleywegt, a crystallographer.
UNIX for beginners
Written by Ian Tickle, a crystallographer.
UNIXhelp for Users
Helpful information for users of the UNIX operating system, developed at the University of Edinburgh.
USAIL (Unix System Administration Independent Learning)
The USAIL project is both an independent study course for prospective system administrators and a reference resource.
Unix shells
A quick explanation of UNIX shells by William G. Scott, a crystallographer.