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Educational > Crystallography > Diffraction

Bragg's Law and Diffraction Applet
An applet to explore Bragg's law.
Crystallography 101
An interactive tutorial built by Bernhard Rupp.
Interactive Tutorial about Diffraction
This is a pictorial guide to crystal structures and their Fourier transforms useful for teaching diffraction physics
Kevin Cowtan's Book of Fourier
This is a book of pictorial 2D Fourier Transforms which are particularly relevant to X-ray crystallography.
The Interactive Structure Factor Tutorial
The aim of the Structure Factor Tutorial is to learn about structure factors, phases, symmetry, and the relationship between the structure factors and the electron density map using an interactive applet.
Visualisation of the Bravais Lattices
A Java applet to view the Bravais Lattices.
Visualisation of the symmetry elements
A Java applet demonstrating Point Group and Space Group symmetry simulations.
X-ray Anomalous Scattering
This web site comprises a tutorial on anomalous scattering and useful web tools to design a MAD experiment.